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Temporary Fence Rental In
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Are you searching for a “temporary fence rental near me” in the Pacific Northwest? Rely on Statewide Rent-A-Fence for all your temp fence rental needs! Whether planning for a one-time event or an extended project, our metal fence panels keep things secure.

Long-Term and Short-Term
Fencing Rental

Need to secure a construction site or keep order at your event? Look no further than our fence rental service for the perfect fit. Whether needed for a long-term project or short-term needs, our fencing is ideal for everything from big concerts to large-scale construction renovation projects. We can make “rent a fence” easy for you. We set things up quickly, ensure everything is sturdy and safe, and when ready, we take everything down. Choose us for a straightforward, reliable service that removes the hassle of procuring a temporary fence for order, safety, and security!

Portable Fencing for All Configuration Needs

Whatever your demands, we offer a diverse range of fence panels and gates ready to meet them! With various sizes available, we provide sturdy and reliable temp fencing for everything from smaller private events to large-scale construction sites. Our panels come in heights of 4, 6, and 8 feet and extend 10 feet wide.

We’ve got your gates covered, too! Our gate options range from 4 to 10 feet in width. We help you create entrances and exits that are the perfect size for your event or project. Choose our fencing solutions for a tailored, secure, and efficient way to manage your work and event space.

Event Safety and Security

Meeting security protocols is an essential commitment to every event planner that helps protect the well-being of every attendee. Temporary fencing helps maintain order and manage queues and crowds. They are vital in upholding safety protocols and insurance policies, ensuring your event runs smoothly and worry-free.

Statewide helps you make responsible temporary fence choices that show your attendees that their safety is your top priority.

Logistics Planning

Efficient logistics planning is essential in construction and development. Temporary construction fencing solutions are the answer to site organization, access control, traffic management, and delineating work zones for safety and efficiency.

Statewide’s expertise in temp fencing aids in keeping your project on schedule, secure, and well-managed. Trust us to streamline your site logistics.

The Leading Provider of PNW Panel Fencing and Gates

As the leading provider of panel fencing and gates in Willamette Valley, SW Washington, Central Oregon, and the Oregon Coast, we offer flexible solutions tailored to meet long-term or short-term fence rental needs. Our expert team ensures swift, reliable setup and tear-down for a streamlined, hassle-free experience.

We’re here to provide the best in fencing and gates, supporting your project every step of the way. Choose us for efficiency and peace of mind.

Rent Fencing Today!

Do you need to enhance security and order at your site? Rent fencing from Statewide today! Our temporary fencing solutions are ideal for:

Construction Companies: Secure construction sites, safeguard equipment, and ensure the safety of workers and the public.

Local Governments and Municipalities: Boost public safety during community events, roadworks, extended disaster response, and management.

Schools and Universities: A temporary fence is ideal for sporting events, graduations, or construction projects. Protect students, guests, alums, and faculty.

Festival Organizers: Manage crowds, create VIP areas, or secure the perimeter of festival sites with temporary fence solutions from statewide.

Sporting Event Organizers: Delineate specific areas, manage crowds, and provide secure perimeters – our flexible temp fence solutions aid with organization.

Film and TV Production Companies: Control access to shooting locations and provide a barrier between the public and filming areas.

Frequently Asked Questions

We offer portable, removable chain link fencing panels and gates, perfect for commercial or private purposes.
We work with clients throughout the Pacific Northwest, including Willamette Valley, SW Washington, Central Oregon, and the Oregon Coast.
Yes, our services include professional fencing installation and removal. Our team ensures a swift and efficient setup and tear-down, minimizing disruption to your site.

Statewide Rent-A-Fence supports your endeavors, ensuring safety and professionalism at every step. Rent fencing from us and experience the benefits of a well-secured and organized space, whatever you have planned! Contact us today to start the conversation.

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